Favorite Countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Peru

Favorite Musical Acts:  Darren Hayes, Will Young, Jean Michel Jarre, Pet Shop Boys, Shakira, Secret Garden, Michael Jackson

What I'm listening to lately:  The Weeknd, Peter Hollens, Will Young, Nathan Sykes.

Favorite TV Shows:
Time Team, Project Runway, Everything science fiction....  PBS Mystery,  The Amazing Race.

Favorite Architect:
Frank Gehry and Michael Graves.

Favorite Building:
Guggenheim Bilbao, Denver Public Library, La Sagrada Familia, All Gothic Churches, esp. Reims and Chartes Cathedral.

Favorite Cuisine:

Favorite Desserts:Crème Brulee, Revani, Baklava, Gulab Jumin.

Favorite Animals: All of them. Dogs are angles with fur. I ADORE them. Pandas make me smile, yet worry that there are so few of them. Polar Bears too.

Favorite Movie: Brideshead Revisited, The Lion in Winter, Cold Comfort Farm, I Captured the Castle, Dune

Favorite Books: Brideshead Revisited By Evelyn Waugh, The Seventh Scroll by Wilbur Smith, The Mitford Series by Jan Karon, anything by Diane Davidson-Mott, Clive Cussler. The Tenth Chamber by Glenn Cooper.

More about my own Art

Artistic Statement for Jeffrey Hood

Drawing upon the rich diversity of our existence, I seek to convey the nature of the textures and colors of our many realities - they physical and mental; the past, present and future; the cognizant and the dream state - in a subtle layering that suggests recollected emotions. An anthropologist and polyglot at heart, I am fascinated by the mystery of vanished peoples, the rhythm of lost or forgotten languages and the lure of ancient habitations. Like the panels removed from a Tuscan monetary, the textures and layering of elements suggests the passing of time through a framework of implied architectural elements. Quirky shapes, unexpected colors and the interplay of patterns allow the work to become, at once, pre and post modern. Normally, the work celebrates obscurity - influencing a space by depth of shadings, tonalities and textures. To strike a deep-seated chord in which specifics are subordinate to the invitation to discover the unexpected. Rarely does the work seek to viscerally dominate. The nature of abstract painting leads to the inevitable question. "But what IS it?" The answers are myriad. There are no absolutes. The expression of one soul made tangible. One creation that is unique in the world. Such is the desire of all who create. Background information: Jeffrey Hood has an enemy. The enemy is Time. There simply are not enough hours in a day to pursue all of the esoteric interests that capture his imagination. Born in Texas and raised in points from the tundra of Alaska to the bayous of Louisiana, Jeff had the largest backyard in the world in which to grow up and develop myriad interests. Though he exhibited no early interest in producing art, only picking up a paintbrush during a period of illness after his days of formal schooling, the arts were always of interest. History, Language. Music, Anthropology, Archeology, Sciences and Religion were always keen fascinations. How mankind developed these topics and then used art and culture to further their explorations soon took root and a creative urge was realized. In a world where many are taught to strive to become business tycoons or demigods of medicine, Jeff decided that he was meant to be a painter. An artist. Having studied the basics of painting in local painting studios of both professionals and friends, Jeff realized right away that his journey of creating art was not going to be predictable. Though bucolic landscapes and vases of flowers were the initial subjects tackled, Jeff longed to create from a deeper, less easily accessible place. He wanted not to re-create what nature had already perfected, but to create something entirely new. Something unique that could enhance a space without the concrete confines of images that the human eye already knew and understood. His explorations into abstract mediums continue to evolve. Where early works were composed of pure painted surfaces, newer pieces are just as likely to contain textures of prepared plaster, collaged elements, photographs, automatic scribbles of text in a myriad of languages and juxtaposed found objects. They can be painting and sculptural, relaying on color, form balance and depth of space to catch the eye and take the viewer into the past, present and future all at one.

Jeff  lives atop the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee where he greedily studies world events from the latest archaeological finds to latest fads of POP culture and everything in between. His creations reside in both private and corporate collections nationwide and in many countries throughout the world.