The Ancestry of Jeffrey D. Hood

Historical Documents from an 1833 hearing in Jamestown where John Hood, brother of my Ancestor Andrew Hood, makes his application and testimony for a Revolutionary War Pension.  Thanks to Clyde Hood for so generously providing me with this treasured information.  I have the complete transcripts and typed translations, below are just a couple of the scans.


Jeffrey Dooley Hood b 1959 - Born San Antonio Texas, now living in TN a few miles from the valley
(1) Royal Dooley Hood  b 1935- d 1999 - Born at Hoodtown, Fentress County, TN. Buried at
 The Allardt Cemetery in Allardt, TN.  Married to Wilma Lucille Drake. They had one child:
      Jeffrey D Hood

(2) Lawrence Gaston Hood b. 1914 - d 1986 - Born at Hoodtown, Fentress County, TN. Buried at the Allardt Cemetery, Allardt.  Married to Hazel Azzaline Westfelt, also buried at the Allardt Cemetery. They had 5 children:
      Royal Dooley
      Lillian Imogene

(3) James Alvin Hood b. 1873 - d. 1957  - Born and Buried at Hoodtown, Fentress County TN. Married to Lillie Belle Richards.  They had 6 children:
      Ella Gracie
      Audie Effa
      Marvin Clester
      Lawrence Gaston
      Nola Ethel
(4) Solomon Hood   ca. 1833 d. 1905 - Born and Buried at Hoodtown, Fentress County, TN. Married to Nancy Ann Baldwin (b1831-d1910)  They had at least 7/8 children:
      James Alvin
      Sara Elizabeth
      Mary Jane
      Jerry ( Jeremiah)
(5) Elisha Hood   b. 1806 - d. 1889 - Born and Buried at Hoodtown, Fentress County, TN. Married to Sarah(?) They had at least 8/9 children:
      John H.   
      W. Jeremiah
      Levisa Jane
      Baler Balaam
      Nancy (?)
also listed as living in Elisha's household was:
      Marion Reagan
      Margaret Reagan
The 1830 Fentress Census for the Hoodtown district also lists a Mary Hood
(6) Andrew Hood  b. ca. 1773 - d. c. 1850 - born in VA, settled at Bill's Creek one mile upriver from Hoodtown, Fentress Co. TN. He is believed to be buried at he Hood Cemetery at Hoodtown.
(7) Luke Hood, Jr.   CA 1740 - uncertain birth location, probably PA,  or NJ
   researcher Don Warf, in his genealogy of the Pittman and Shell families lists my line of Hoods among his defendants.  He lists Luke Hood, Jr as being Born March 5, 1739 in PA - died ca. 1825 in Montgomery County, KY.
(8) Luykas Hoed, Sr. ( Luke Hood, Sr)   Oct 2, 1708 baptized in New York 
(9) Jasper Hoed ( Hood)   bap. 1670 in the Netherlands(?), immigrated to New Amsterdam
and married Tryntje Lukas aka Catherina Andries on June 7, 1696 as recorded in the records of the Dutch Reformed Church of New York 1639-1801. The couple had several children:
Jan born and died in April of 1697
Jan Born 2/12/1699
Aefje Born 2/12/1701
Luykas Born 12/20/1708
Thomas Born 8/31/1711
In 1710 Jasper Hood was awarded a Palatine orphan who was apprenticed by Gov. Hunter in New York. She was a 7 year old girl named Susan Maria Harmin.  She arrived in New York aboard the Lyon.  Being one of a small groups of ships carrying Palatine orphans and refugees to the New World. Due to horrific conditions during their 6 months at sea, the crew and passengers were decimated by Typhoid and other infectious disease. Hundreds perished on the journey. As such, Gov. Hunter was forced to refuse the ships to land in New York for fear of spreading disease to  the city.  The ships were ordered to land at the small island (the precursor to Ellis Island as point of arrival). The new arrivals were housed there for many weeks until doctors could clear their health before they were sent to their prospective new homes and settlement camps.

It is here that the search for the Hood line goes rather cold.  Much is recorded and known about the family of Jasper's wife.  Her father was Dutch and was heavily involved with carrying goods on sailing ships through the Hudson River valley and coastal communities. They lived in a well-to-do street on Marketfeldt at the tip of Manhattan. A survey of their street address and comparison of old maps of New Amsterdam, has their home being right under what is now "ground zero" at the old Wold Trade Center site.
(10) Jan Hood 1649, Leichestershire, immigrated to Rotterdam, Netherlands (?)
(11) Johannes Hood Ca 1600 Leichestershire, UK (?)
(12) Thomas Hood ca 1565, Licolnshire, UK (?)

This account of my lineage is only proved to Andrew Hood. I am a member of the Hood, DNA research Project in order to help identify the various lines of Hood families. The Hood name is common in Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain among other countries of the world. The DNA tests have found that there are several unrelated Hood lines.  My line of Hood descent includes General John Bell Hood of Civil War fame. Our branches would connect at Luykas Hoed or Lucas Hood, Sr. The picture below shows some of General Hoods children. His portrait is on the easel.  This may have been taken in New Orleans upon his death. 

I am now trying to find conclusive proof that Andrew Hood's father was indeed, Lucas Hood, Jr.  An 1833 enumberation of free males records for lists a Luke Hood.  This is the only mention of a Luke Hood in Fentress County that I have so far found.  The lineage beyond Luke Hood, Jr. is documented in several other Hood genealogies.  I am currently researching UK records for Jan, Johannes and Thomas. The DNA results seem to point a genetic link to Leichestershire in the UK.  There is an old family of Hoods that resided at Bardon Hall in Bardon Park, Leichestershire, for several hundred years. Other Hoods in the county lived at Alford and Mountsorrel. Both very nearby villages. The village of Bardon Park barely exists today, being taken up by a huge Quarry operation. The nearest location that can easily be found on maps is Coalville.